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mixed media textile art

From brilliant anemones to the tiny new buds of seaweed clinging to the rocks I find myself increasingly absorbed in the hidden gems and treasures of our coastline glimpsed as the tide ebbs and flows.
Capturing this inspiration in sketches, colour swatches, photography and simply standing still on Trevaunance cove, minutes from my studio is just the delicious beginning of the creative process I love so much.
I then come back to the studio to create inked collage papers, arrange foils, transfer images to fabric, expose beach finds using 'sun photography (cyanotype)' and spend hours over the detailed machine embroidery to turn out final pieces.
Many of these, in layout and style, are a nod to the work of scientists and keen naturalists over the centuries; exploring and recording what is all around us.
Wherever possible I work closely with marine biologists and people who's work takes them out into the seas.