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These 'flying jewels' have become my signature tune ('joyas voladores' in one name for hummingbird in Central/South America).
Inspired by seeing their flash of iridescence in the dark of a tropical storm these birds are born out of many hours of experimentation, curiosity, foils, plastics, stitch. The challenge I set myself was how to recreate the intensity of colour and the form of a creature flying above my head.

Getting married? One of these will make your wedding shine out amongst all others.
A hummingbird also makes a gift to be treasured for newly weds or a special birthday. They have flown all over the world to customers!

About 30 cm from head to tail and similar wing span.
They hang by invisible wire and catch the light beautifully as they move slowly.

Kingfishers and fish also available!
'Hi Jo,
Thank you so much, Chloe got her hummingbird yesterday and is over the moon.
Thanks so much for everything.
Marie xx

Jo, I adore it!
Thanks so much, Neil
All these hanging eco sculptures cost £175 and can wing their way from me to you anywhere in the world
(enquire about addiional postage price!)

c. Photographs and original artwork copywright: Jo Polack.
I love sharing my work and sharing ideas but please don't nick them and call them your own!