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Green Dreams

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Nature is inspiration. I'd love to think that through my artwork I can be part of fostering a love for the planet and positive relationships between humans and natural environment. I also aim to minimise the impact on our environment of running 'a business'. 
Many of my artworks are 'upcycling' using sweet foils, plastics
Choosing printers at the local eco park who can print on recycled paper
Choosing recycled packaging - yep even the bubble wrap
Replacing blown bulbs with LED
Printing my work onto Fairtrade cloth bags to promote re-use bags and local shopping
Choosing ethical banking
Composting teabags and other kitchen waste from my day at work and leaves blown in to the courtyard!
Working with local eco groups eg Marine Conservation Group; to whom I dontated a percentage of profits taken on a series created based on their dive photography off the St Agnes coast and run an art workshop with marine litter each year, or hosting 'Bling your Bike' with Aggie Cycles.

Yes all these things cost me money and time but its a small price to pay for giving our natural world a chance to flourish. I hope you are happy to help by recognising that sometimes those costs are reflected in some of the pieces in my Studio.

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