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felt fantastic

Working with felt is exciting. It is ancient and modern, versatile yet strong, decorative and structural. I get lost in the array of colours and always find different ones to match whatever may be my inspiration at the time; the sea and the cliffs near my studio, textiles from around the world, the earthy browns of an English winter woodland…

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All my felt I make by hand using the wet felting technique, taking time to design each item but often just following instinct inspired by the raw material itself. I work with many varieties of sheep and other animal fleece in dyed fleece and natural colours. Often I then stitch into my felt, print and add other fabrics and found objects. The final piece might be a vessel, sculptural, framed or a hanging. Each item therefore stands alone as a work of art and is not the mass produced, industrial, imported felt that we increasingly see in shops and galleries.
"Thank you so much, the felt cafetiere cosy arrived 
today and is perfect" Jennifer.
Contact me for images of the felt works I currently have or to discuss a bespoke commission.

copyright Jo Polack: I love to share my artwork and we all learn from someone but
please do not nick the images or copy the art and call it your own.