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Jo Polack Studio Gallery, Peterville, St Agnes, Cornwall, 

TR5 0QU 

Across the road from the bright orange TapHouse

(ignore the location marker on the map below

which says I'm on Quay Rd)

Street parking - outside in quieter months!

 My usual open hours are Tuesday - Friday 10-4pm

Contact for weekend hours, extra days in holiday times or by arrangement.

Also contact to check times if you are coming from far.

I live very close so can often pop round if at home working.

 I look forward to seeing you.

Privacy policy

GDPR and Jo Polack Studio Gallery/Jo Polack artist

Integrity has always been important to my art creation and business. I do not share anyone's data for information swapping, marketing or other's commercial purpose.* I collect names and email addresses so that I can keep you informed of my own art adventures, offers, exhibitions and exciting developments surrounding my own work or that of the Studio Gallery. i.e. I hold only data that has a purpose specifically justifiable for my business.

The ‘Personal data’ I store is predominantly emails and names.

A database of individual names and emails are held by me on computer because individuals have asked to be kept in touch. This is password protected. From now on new subscribers will subscribe themselves on line.

I use MailChimp, one of the most established and GDPR compliant programmes, to send email newsletters out and have followed their GDPR compliant practices & tools in updating my system so that I too am compliant.

Records relating to individuals which need to be stored (correspondence, invoices) on my computer are password protected & by computer locked by facial recognition.

Any paper records (correspondence, invoices, sign up sheets) are kept in locked filing cabinet away from Studio Gallery and destroyed after 6 years.

My website is a simple one, currently without e-commerce on. Consequently I have not set it to collect personal data from you by placing cookies on your computer and do not review your browsing/data through Google Analytics. If this changes I will update this policy and inform via e-newsletters.

I am currently researching & implementing encryption processes to keep emails you send to me that need retaining, safe.

I am also reviewing the safest processes regarding your contact information when backing up my computer (currently google backup and sync).

I have a visitors’ book in my Studio Gallery. Staff or visitors can see other people’s emails/names in my visitor’s book. But they cannot link it to any other data or identity as I don’t hold anything else. Myself and my Staff will always have read and agreed to abide by my Data Protection policy and procedures so keep a watchful eye over the use of this book which is put away at night. From now on if people want to be on my e-mailing list they will sign up themselves on line rather than via this book in accordance with these new laws.

For a more detailed breakdown of my GDPR process and how and where individual’s contact information is stored please contact me.

This is an ongoing commitment to people’s privacy. I will review it regularly and annually thoroughly.


In case of request/problem with data

I am happy to respond to any request from an individual regarding the data I hold on them. Contact me:

Individuals may request details of personal information which I hold under the Data Protection Act 1998.

In case of breach – eg  damage/theft of filing cabinet/computer/cloud hacking - I will notify the ICO (and you) within 72 hours.

I am the data controller & processor. No-one else handles individual’s data except Mail Chimp’s automated services as explained above. For Mail Chimp’s policy see their website. For Google back up/cloud server please request further information.



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